Tuesday, 29 March 2016

This week in gaming!

Soooo, not much gaming to be had this week. Played a game of imperial assault, we tried the rules from the Hoth expansion. Hmmm, just cause there are multiplayer rules doesnt mean you should use them. with 2 horde lists even the multiplayer map was a bit hoaching. I think a couple of smaller games might have been a better idea, we had enough tiles and space to have multiples running.

I was going to play more AvP on saturday, sadly im an Ejit and forget the models. Doh!! However did get all my extra stuff built. I've used the points in the book to make a 300pt list for each faction. I feel that will be more balanced than the starting forces. Need to shift a couple of commissions off the painting desk then i can get the ABZ Games AvP demo models finished.

As usual.... some pics.... Also a little sneak peek of something super secret..... In the pics is also warhammer being played on ABZ Games' new micro art matt. Very nice for gaming on apparently.

Working on a bit of Malifaux terrain.

Something special this way comes.....

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