Thursday, 10 March 2016

Do you dig (frost)Graves, yeah they're alright!

Well, first game of Frost grave last night. Oooh its a bit good!!

I had my Japanese samurai inspired summoner crew facing my good friends..... balls.... i cant remember what he had. (found out enchanter) I remember my daemon ate A LOT of them.

So my warband:
Tamakeri - summoner wizard
Kagema - apprentice
Yoshimoto - Templar
Hironaka - Templar
Fujita - Infantryman
Jim - Archer
Then of course there was also.... The Fuck Daemon!! More on him later.

Jinxybaby had:
Penelope - Enchanter Wizard
Parker - Apprentice
Dexter - Warhound
Sprout - Thug (Eaten)
Sven - Thug (Eaten)
Alf - Thug (Eaten)
Orc - Treasure Hunter
Nameless - Thief
Durgan - Crossbowman
Nameless - Man-at-arms(Eaten)

We played the well scenario. Fun little thing where you had to drink from the well, if you fell in your dudes were straight to dead.

I wish i'd taken more notes from the game to do a proper battle report. Next game i will. However the bits i do remember. First turn, i managed to summon the F-Daemon. He proceeded to wander around for the whole game eating thugs. He was a bit good and my man of the match. 2 crits were rolled with him, he was a hungry wee daemon. We both managed to drink from the well, however i think both wizards were clinging to life with 1 health by the end of the game. Not cause we had fought just REALLY bad spell casting rolls. Jinx scampered off with 4 treasure to my 3. So not a bad first game. Tamakeri managed to set up shop in a Laboratory with attached summoning circle, as you do. So that will come in handy next game.

As for the minis, they only arrived 2 hours before we played but are now base coated and ready for painting tonight. Im avoiding red as that is usually my go to colour. Im tempted by blue or a jade green. Thoughts?

Busy table is busy
First crit, not first Fuck Daemon kill 
Fuck daemon finally crits the bloody tarpit man at arms

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