Monday, 21 March 2016

A Dengar ate my baby!

Well what a hobby filled week i've had. Not many pictures sadly.

Wednesday, played AvP. Getting to grips with the game as we will be starting to demo this in the shop, at conventions and war games shows. Its a fun game, were going to tweak how we perfeorm the demos. Thinking about using some sort of "survival mode" competition for people who take part. How many aliens can you gib until you are eaten, kind of a thing. So gonna have to get the ABZ Games studio monkeys to start painting the models.

On friday and saturday played a lot more Imperial Assault. Another game were going to be demoing at shows. Im slowly working through the models to get painted and ready. This is a game im getting VERY into, even the snotlings are playing it now. However they both want to be the evil empire. :(

My opponents for some of the weeks games. Gabriel and i started our campaign for Imperial Assault. I have been "ordered" to finish painting them as quickly as I can.

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