Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Na an na an na na batman!!!!!!!

I've finished Harley Quinn, batman and am now working on bane and green arrow. Below is the whole gang. Really not liking Harley's face, tips welcome.

Tonight though im going to try and finish my white scar "cockbike" (scimitar jet bike). Or maybe tackle the fire raptor, if im feeling calm enough.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Elder pains....

It was a really good game and close-ish. A defeat for the scars but I really enjoyed the loss. 

Soooo had my first real game with the white scars versus elder on Friday. Ouch!!!!! Elder hurt!!!! Dark reapers are not fun and neither are trixy wraith blades. Also learnt one important thing. Just cause you can scout move doesn't mean you should.

As for painting I worked on flesh on green arrow, bane and finished Harley Quinn. Although I think I spoiled her by dipping. Time will tell, but below is a wip shot.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Kits log supplemental...

So it was brought to my knowledge I hadn't posted pics of the finished white scars. Here's a group shot of the 2000pt list.

Also here's a work in progress pic of the tohaa troops.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekend work 15-02-14

Again trying to keep the blog up to date. Ive got into Infinity and Batman in a big way. Love the concept of both games and really adore the minis. I haven't seen the black GW helicopters above my head yet, but im sure they are on their way to bring me back to the fold.

It was really good working with true scale, also enjoying working with metal again. Ive kinda missed it.

So batman wise I have Bats, Catwoman, Harley, Green Arrow, and Bane('what a lovely voice' edition). Finished batman first as he is Gabriel's. He helped me choose him. Once they release a Batgirl I'll get that for Mel or could get a Talia.

As for infinity Ive gone tohaa, I liked what I read about their background no idea how they play on the table yet. Again, gone for fluff of tactics. So below is what I got done this weekend in-between hockey and adventures in the outside world.

Everything except Batman is a work in progress, id love to get Bane and infinity stuff finished by the end of the week.