Monday, 12 March 2012

Apoc battle of doom!!

So look at this a mini battle report....

This saturday past i had a proper fun apocalypse game! 5000pts of Eldar including a Revanant and a Cobra versus 3000 Spacewolves with a warhound and my 2000pt Flesh tearers.

The forces of the imperium decided to keep everything in reserve. With that many destroyer weapons on the table we were just going to get ripped apart in the first turn of shooting. So the Eldar deployed, moved, including the revanant deep in our zone. The wolves moved in first scoring some solid hits on a few of the super heavies, the warhound came lumbering on and did what it does best, attracted fire. The wolves sadly took a lot of punishment from the fully deployed Eldar.
When the Blood angels finally arrived it wasnt looking good for team imperium. Then after a little friendly fire that killed the wolf lord we also lost the Titan.
But, the blood champion of the chapter proved his worth. Firstly, followed by the honour guard he charged unit of warp spiders. Flush with his success he set his sites on the titan. Spinning the thunder hammer in his grip he ran at it, the honour guard were confused but followed anyway. Picture legolas taking down that elephant thing, thats what happened. The champion leapt on the lowered pulsar and ran up towards the cockpit. After a gentle rapping on the canopy door to get the drivers attention he swung for all his might knocking the cockpit clean off the shoulders. After an epic explosion, the champion went running off to find the next target.
The game continued with the imperium, to be honest, struggling to keep its head above the water by limiting the firepower the Eldar could bring to bear. The wolves laying down their lives so the flesh tearers could live (operation get behind the puppies). But their sacrifice payed off as after 9 hours of an awesome game the imperium held 2 objectives.

All in all an awesome game, next time, more pictures and more detail i think. Also, Im going to take a real camera and not my phone. I've got a £600 camera i should bloody use it. BUT one thing, in EVERY game from now on the 'titan-killer' blood champion is being fielded. Below are the "decent" pics.

Friday, 2 March 2012

ZOMG a post!!

Yeah! be shockered a post!

So, the doubles has past. 1 win, 3 losses and a draw. BUT thats not the best bit. ALL of the games were bat shit crazy good fun!! I met some truly awesome people and have kept in touch with some to boot. A total winner of a tournament. I didnt take that many pictures as i completely forgot to. The other cool thing about the weekend we actually played against THE Will Hayes, using some of the forgeworld stuff he'd actually designed. EEEEEEE!!!!!

So plans for the next few months.... build and paint the stupid amounts of forgeworld stuff i bought. Pictures below.

Oh and i promise to do a proper update on monday.

-Kit (HHL)