Monday, 2 July 2012

Back, Back in the 6th ed groove

Well, i would be if Royal Mail could deliver on time. But meh. So havent read through the rules, havent re-tweak my lists based on changes, havent got any painting plans. I havent picked up a brush in anger for about 4-5 months. Last night i get a hankering to paint, but what do i paint?? I didnt want to start any work on the flesh tearers, guard or orks as i didnt know what im doing with them yet. So.... i present for internet ridicule and laughter, my necromunda enforcers, or at least WIP of them. Hope to have the whole squad base colours done tonight, then i'll move onto highlighting and tweaking. I might also have my gamer pack tomorrow. YAY!! Also, the blog is back.... and lets see if i can "keep it up". -KIT (HHL)

1 comment:

  1. Nice, am tempted to sort out my Delaque or Redemptionist gang and get some of the Hull boys to sort out a campaign.

    Hope the parcel is the rulebook bud.