Wednesday, 11 January 2012

ToMG and 40k doubles

Well, where do things stand 2 weeks into the year. I think i may have finally come to a conclusion as to what to paint for the Tale of many gamers. Given the positive feed back on the sisters of battle idea, given the fact i really want to paint my titan, also given the fact i have a bucket load of gaurd/sisters ready to paint I have chosen.......

More Orks!! O_o

Granted I suffered a stunning 20 straight losses with them, but they were a) fun to lose with and b) fun to paint. Now to be honest, isnt that what you need in this hobby. An army that you infact enjoy even loosing with? So with that in mind im going to tweak my standard list i was playing with, add some more fast units(stormboyz) expand others(lootas and nob bikerz).

So here is my painting schedule for now. At home: work on the tournament army, mostly just tanks now. On the move: Orks, stormboyz specifically.

After March and ToMG is finished i think i'll dedicate my time to painting the titan and the stompa, but i do have an overwhleming fear of large models.

painting desk and stormboy nob:

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year, Polls, updates and painting plans.

Wow, august was the last post. Looking back on the last 3 months(december doesnt count) there wasnt much to report sadly. The odd thing got finished. But its a new year and im still all fresh with the promise of a new year.

I've decided to move away from the "i have to paint" idea. Also with my new years resolutions they are 'long term' plans that will actually take a year to complete. But 2012 will be the year where i take a large chunk out of the lead mountain growing. I'll break these down into quarters i think. I've also reset the battle counters, these arent to record a win/loss ratio but how many games i play during the year.

So Quarter 1. I have a doubles tournament in february. My Flesh Tearers are teaming up with a friend who plays Eldar. Or as i like to call it Operation: Hide behind the Eldar. I cant say were going with a list to make friends with. 2 wraithlords, avatar, wraithguard, Gabriel, Assault squad in pimp land raider, baal pred, vindicator. Dont get me wrong, i dont think its a top table list, and dont really want it to be. Id much prefer to stay mid range and have some proper fun games with fun people. Does that make sense?
Also in Quarter 1 i have entered into a "Tale of Many Gamers" much like has been run many times in white dwarf. The problem is, this has started but what to paint. My choices i feel are, Flesh Tearers, Guard, Sisters of Battle. Now the guard would not be achievable. There is close to 60 miniatures per 500pt stage. Ok yes i could throw in Yarrick or Ogryns to make it easier. Hmm, food for thought. Sadly, the flesh tearers only really have a few things to paint to be a nice 2000pt force, most of that is tanks and Sanguinary Guard. Below is a test miniature for the sisters. I can rattle them off quite quickly. The other reason to have this "goal" is I have a few business trips planned for Jan/Feb a lot of evenings in hotel rooms. 20 or so miniatures and closed palette are easy in the luggage. I've put a poll up for a decision.

Hope to update this more often than i did last year.

-Kit (HHL)