Monday, 29 August 2011

Something stinky this way comes....

Not much to report on the painting front sadly. On the gaming front i have a few more losses under my belt. I took some pics of the collected orks so far, except for the deffkoptas and truks.

In other news i built some more daemony things. Never thought my fast attack slot would be filled by something nurgly.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Done da boyz!!!

Well, thats it(except some static grass attaching). The deadline for the escalation is tomorrow and I'm complete. 750pts.
Bigmek+shock attack gun
5 lootas
8 kommandos inc nob+big choppa
6 tank bustas inc nob, tankhammer and 2 bomb squigs
20 slugga boyz inc nob+bigchoppa, 2 shootas
20 slugga boyz inc nob+bigchoppa, 2 shootas

Job done!! Next 1000pts. Should be fairly easy. Tempted to just add warboss+nobs.

Pics cause it did happen!!