Monday, 20 June 2011

Ork Home Delivery!

So yeah, plan this weekend was to paint the last of the Nobs so that i could start on more of the boyz tonight. That didnt go according to plan. Mostly due to a large parcel that arrived on Saturday morning. More Orks!!!! So i spent the 'painting time' building lootas, tankbusters, a trukk and more boyz. At least i now have a working 1500pt army.

So the list as it stands.... (the mekboy is only as i dont have the 5th deffgun yet.) Obviously need to find another 200 odd points. Im thinking looted tank for the tankbustas to drive around in. Or Gazzy.

HQ: Warboss 115 pts
+ 'Eavy Armour + Attack Squig + Bosspole + Power Klaw + Twin Linked Shoota

Elite: Tankbustas 115 pts
5 Tankbustas + Bomb Squig x3 + 1 Tankhammer + 1 Tankbustas Nob

Troops: Nobz 320 pts
9 Nobz + 'Eavy Armour + Big Choppa
1 Trukk + Grot Rigger + Red Paint Job + Stikkbomb Chukka

Elite: Lootas 75 pts
4 Lootas
1 Mekboy

Elite: Kommandos 185 pts
7 Kommandos + Burna x2
1 Boss Snikrot

Troops: Boyz 151 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob + Big Choppa

Troops: Boyz 151 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob + Big Choppa

Troops: Shoota Boyz 146 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob

So yeah.

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