Monday, 27 June 2011


Well this week wasn't very productive.

I did learn how to pick up large amounts of Orks. The game on Wednesday was a massacre. In fact im sure i only took out 5 blood brides the whole game. Hate those trixie pervert pixies.
In Saturdays game, it was a REALLY close game. right down to turn 7 where it ended in a draw. Hard fought game on both sides. Again, pie plates are not my friend.

As for painting, well not much occurred but below you can see my test kamo for the kommandos, and the project plan constructed to keep my in line for the 1st Aug deadline. Comments appeciated and wanted!

-Kit (Warboss Shagnasty)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Ork Home Delivery!

So yeah, plan this weekend was to paint the last of the Nobs so that i could start on more of the boyz tonight. That didnt go according to plan. Mostly due to a large parcel that arrived on Saturday morning. More Orks!!!! So i spent the 'painting time' building lootas, tankbusters, a trukk and more boyz. At least i now have a working 1500pt army.

So the list as it stands.... (the mekboy is only as i dont have the 5th deffgun yet.) Obviously need to find another 200 odd points. Im thinking looted tank for the tankbustas to drive around in. Or Gazzy.

HQ: Warboss 115 pts
+ 'Eavy Armour + Attack Squig + Bosspole + Power Klaw + Twin Linked Shoota

Elite: Tankbustas 115 pts
5 Tankbustas + Bomb Squig x3 + 1 Tankhammer + 1 Tankbustas Nob

Troops: Nobz 320 pts
9 Nobz + 'Eavy Armour + Big Choppa
1 Trukk + Grot Rigger + Red Paint Job + Stikkbomb Chukka

Elite: Lootas 75 pts
4 Lootas
1 Mekboy

Elite: Kommandos 185 pts
7 Kommandos + Burna x2
1 Boss Snikrot

Troops: Boyz 151 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob + Big Choppa

Troops: Boyz 151 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob + Big Choppa

Troops: Shoota Boyz 146 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob

So yeah.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Orks, fazzzands of them!!!

I was keeping this project as super secret, but meh, i can't keep a secret this cool quiet. Plus i'm gonna be starting to use them in games.

So without further ado.... ORKS!!! Theme is around the Blood Axes, but as i also have steel legion guard it would be rude not to have Gazzy too.

20 in about a week and a bits worth of evenings. Not bad really. Going to work on the Nobs now. More info in next post with the Nobs, include list ideas.