Monday, 29 August 2011

Something stinky this way comes....

Not much to report on the painting front sadly. On the gaming front i have a few more losses under my belt. I took some pics of the collected orks so far, except for the deffkoptas and truks.

In other news i built some more daemony things. Never thought my fast attack slot would be filled by something nurgly.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Done da boyz!!!

Well, thats it(except some static grass attaching). The deadline for the escalation is tomorrow and I'm complete. 750pts.
Bigmek+shock attack gun
5 lootas
8 kommandos inc nob+big choppa
6 tank bustas inc nob, tankhammer and 2 bomb squigs
20 slugga boyz inc nob+bigchoppa, 2 shootas
20 slugga boyz inc nob+bigchoppa, 2 shootas

Job done!! Next 1000pts. Should be fairly easy. Tempted to just add warboss+nobs.

Pics cause it did happen!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Orktastic Ork-date

I've been crap in my updates. But to keep me on track heres a new one.

The deadline date is fast approaching. 750pts for the 1st August. Almost there.....

So completed in these last 2 weeks are the unit of lootas, and a Big Mek with a shock attack gun. See below.

Also below are some collected pictures of the rest of the nearly finished army. Just one unit of tankbustas and 750 is done. Hopefully a lovely big army shot next update.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another week, more orks

Woops, let the weekly update slide a bit, in my defence i was waiting for the kommandos to dry to get a photo of them. That and i've been super busy.

Soo... news. Another game last weekend. Another draw. Its been decided that we are infact playing polar opposite armies and we'll forever be locked in stalemate.

I've adapted slightly my list for the 750pt deadline. Partially for functionality partly for time to paint things. I'd love to drop 90 odd orks on the table but just dont have the time. I may also still have to use the point sink that is nobs.

Speaking on the painting front below are the finished Kommandos, sneaking through some unpainted scenery. Next is Snikrott, or maybe the other batch of boyz.

Monday, 27 June 2011


Well this week wasn't very productive.

I did learn how to pick up large amounts of Orks. The game on Wednesday was a massacre. In fact im sure i only took out 5 blood brides the whole game. Hate those trixie pervert pixies.
In Saturdays game, it was a REALLY close game. right down to turn 7 where it ended in a draw. Hard fought game on both sides. Again, pie plates are not my friend.

As for painting, well not much occurred but below you can see my test kamo for the kommandos, and the project plan constructed to keep my in line for the 1st Aug deadline. Comments appeciated and wanted!

-Kit (Warboss Shagnasty)

Monday, 20 June 2011

Ork Home Delivery!

So yeah, plan this weekend was to paint the last of the Nobs so that i could start on more of the boyz tonight. That didnt go according to plan. Mostly due to a large parcel that arrived on Saturday morning. More Orks!!!! So i spent the 'painting time' building lootas, tankbusters, a trukk and more boyz. At least i now have a working 1500pt army.

So the list as it stands.... (the mekboy is only as i dont have the 5th deffgun yet.) Obviously need to find another 200 odd points. Im thinking looted tank for the tankbustas to drive around in. Or Gazzy.

HQ: Warboss 115 pts
+ 'Eavy Armour + Attack Squig + Bosspole + Power Klaw + Twin Linked Shoota

Elite: Tankbustas 115 pts
5 Tankbustas + Bomb Squig x3 + 1 Tankhammer + 1 Tankbustas Nob

Troops: Nobz 320 pts
9 Nobz + 'Eavy Armour + Big Choppa
1 Trukk + Grot Rigger + Red Paint Job + Stikkbomb Chukka

Elite: Lootas 75 pts
4 Lootas
1 Mekboy

Elite: Kommandos 185 pts
7 Kommandos + Burna x2
1 Boss Snikrot

Troops: Boyz 151 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob + Big Choppa

Troops: Boyz 151 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob + Big Choppa

Troops: Shoota Boyz 146 pts
20 Boyz + Big Shoota x2
1 Boyz Nob

So yeah.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Orks, fazzzands of them!!!

I was keeping this project as super secret, but meh, i can't keep a secret this cool quiet. Plus i'm gonna be starting to use them in games.

So without further ado.... ORKS!!! Theme is around the Blood Axes, but as i also have steel legion guard it would be rude not to have Gazzy too.

20 in about a week and a bits worth of evenings. Not bad really. Going to work on the Nobs now. More info in next post with the Nobs, include list ideas.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Finished army

So here it is in all its glory.

Really happy how it turned out, the army listing is to the side.

If i get time i may paint up the FW khorne herald i have to replace skulltaker, but if not meh.

Sooooo next on the paint table we either have 1500pts of Flesh Tearers or Sisters of Battle. Decisions, decisions.


Monday, 7 February 2011


To the tones, ironically, of Therapy - Screamager i finally finish the last of the daemon army for the tourney in a week and a bit time. I got a picture of the screamers, but tonight, its an collected army picture. Very happy with it, i tried some new techniques but also enjoyed using shades and colours i hadnt done much with.

Im happy and i can relax now that everything is finished for the tournament, all thats left is to get gubbed horribly.