Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Update on the Tournament Army

Thought I'd update with some pictures of the upcoming Conflict Scotland 2010 tourney army. I've gone with the army list below. Mech Guard.
  • Veterans + Autocannon + Sniper + GL + Chimera (steel legion)
  • Veterans + Autocannon + Chimera (Cadian)
  • Veterans + 2 Meltas(ride vendetta)
  • Vendetta
So that's the list. Below is the finished test paint scheme for the melta vets in the Vendetta. Yes, I bit the bullet and bought Elysians, just one squad of shotgun armed guys. Love the model, plus it fits with the air cav idea of the vendetta.

Here is the paint scheme wip for the Vendetta and Chimera.

Plan for the week…. Get the Elysians finished, if enough time finish the Cadians.

Monday, 15 February 2010


So, not really keeping to my weekly updates... I swear that will change.

Apologies for the weak photos, my mother has my decent nikon with her to Jerusalem

Update, what i've done since i last came here. Well, i finished my FW daemon prince, my birthday present FW hierodule and a few other odds and sods.

Mr Spikey in all his glory, with some Hive guard fresh off the production line.

Thats the Daemon prince, im going to base him on something similar to this from my blood crushers:

Plans for the future, I've got a tournament on 18th April. Im teaming with CSMs with my guard. Should be fun. Treated myself to new miniatures for the event in the form of a squad of shotgun armed Elysians. Nom nom nom. Heres the test scheme:

So for the event i have the following to paint
10 cadians
10 old school storm troopers
10 Elysians(need to order another 5)
2 chimeras
1 Vendetta

Test scheme for the tanks:

Should have a bigger update next weekend.