Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I created a new colour!!!

It is called Monging Filth! It makes me feel dirty. Tested it on a poor defenceless Daemonette. Meh shes getting a detol bath anyway, ebay purchase.

Below are work in progress pics of the Nurgle DP.


  1. On the Daemonette, it leaves something to be desired, but on the prince, it's awesome. Certainly a color better suited to Nurgle than Slaanesh.

    Mind sharing how you painted him?

  2. Daemonette was just sadly the closest mini to test with, shes bathing in the detol for paint stripping right now.

    I found the technique online, i'll get the link. but essentially it goes:
    base coat beastial brow.
    rough sloppy drybrush of vomit brown
    rough sloppy drybrush of bubonic brown

    now the fun part. put liberal amounts of thraka green on. While the ink is still wet add patches of sepia. It dries in that nice patch style. Really simple and you can blitz through loads of plaguebearers.

    The rust is a wip, but it gets terracotta, stipple of macharius orange then light drybrushes of bolt gun metal. Gonna add some splodges of devlan mud to darken some areas, try to make it look more corroded. The “monging filth” is for the tub on his back. Thraka green+devlan mud+ this gloopy tamiya ink thats gloss. Gives just enough of a glisten.

  3. Mahalo!

    Of course, all of my paints are the older style, so I'm missing several of the paints you suggested, but I'll figure out how to substitute--or break down and buy new. It's a great effect... Thanks for sharing. :)


  5. The finished product is a bit disgusting actually. I'll post tomorrow