Monday, 30 August 2010

Back on track

Well well well, its been a while.

I can sum it up. Work. Its gone crazy since about feb. Essentially, the company i work for broke away from the parent company, and bought another company at the same time. Oh and of course the IT department have had to pull miracles/infrastructure/solutions out of various orifices since then. Sigh. But there is light on the horizon and there is even talk of getting into whats laughably called a steady state. Well, until the next company purchase. meh!!

So as for painting, Ive actually got a fare bit done. Sadly not much 40k. I've been playing a lot of blood bowl/necromunda, so i've been churning out those mostly. But i have a new goal. well, several actually. First, is still to have a painted 1500pt 40K force. This is gonna be the daemons that i started the blog talking about. This goal fits in nicely with the double tourney coming up in feb 2011. Second, is to stick with the chosen army(daemons) for the rest of the year. No A.D.D. flitting to next shiny object. Next is to have a painted 1500 wfb force(tomb kings). Lastly is to finish my blood bowl/necromunda/lotow gangs/teams/posse.

Oh another small note i suppose is number 2 is due in 3 weeks. I've got a month of holidays booked to look after Gabriel, wonder how much painting i can get done. I have a feeling very little.

Currently on my painting bench i have 2 special treats. I splurged and bought the nurgle DP from forge world. Its a very nice model, and the herald, well sadly he looks like a giant turd. The herald is nearly finished, i'll get a wip shot up tomorrow. The inks are drying at the moment. Thats about it i suppose, oh and i have a smidge of insomnia, hence the late night post.

Kit(HHL) out.

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