Monday, 24 May 2010

Long time no post

I think the last time i posted was back before Conflict Scotland 2010. Whats changed...... Well i finished the army(pics to come, reasons later). Not sure where we came in the grand scheme of things in the rankings of the tourney, but managed a none to shabby draw, draw, win. I must admit though, i would not recommend the tournament to anyone. For a start badly managed, then there was the clown shoe on the microphone, CONSTANTLY, so it was hard to talk to your opponent, oh and did i say how badly managed it was. Then there was the scores, im used to taking Vp down as a decider of how well you did each game, but KPs? Nah!

Anyhoo, whats for the future, i've got 2 long term projects. Although one is getting close to being canned. 1500pts of painted Tyranids(soon to be canned) and 1000pts of flesh tearers.

So yeah, why there is no photos, me parents broke my camera and im yet to get a new one. I'll have to start looking for one. Might look out the old Nikon D500 and take a few shots of the tourney army and the new flesh tearers that are complete.

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