Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Update on the Tournament Army

Thought I'd update with some pictures of the upcoming Conflict Scotland 2010 tourney army. I've gone with the army list below. Mech Guard.
  • Veterans + Autocannon + Sniper + GL + Chimera (steel legion)
  • Veterans + Autocannon + Chimera (Cadian)
  • Veterans + 2 Meltas(ride vendetta)
  • Vendetta
So that's the list. Below is the finished test paint scheme for the melta vets in the Vendetta. Yes, I bit the bullet and bought Elysians, just one squad of shotgun armed guys. Love the model, plus it fits with the air cav idea of the vendetta.

Here is the paint scheme wip for the Vendetta and Chimera.

Plan for the week…. Get the Elysians finished, if enough time finish the Cadians.

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