Sunday, 3 January 2010

Finished the fists!!

So, i finished the crimson fist army for the tourney.

750pts breaks down as:
Bike Captain with relic blade and hellfire rounds
1st squad, 2 meltas 1 attack bike melta, sarge has power weapon
2nd squad, 2 plasmas, 1 attack bike melta, sarge has a power weapon
3rd squad, vanilla but sarge has a power fist(also the squad the captain goes in.
Event is at warhammer world in a weeks time. Wheee. Below are some pics.


  1. Congratz. It's always great to finish a project.

    I like that display board as well. Would you mind explaining how you cut out the bases so perfectly?

  2. The owner of is a really great guy. I got them custom made, i think they were about a pound a pop. I'll update the blog with a 'bare' one. Essentially they are laser cut mdf.

  3. Yeah I'd like to know too!
    I'll be at the Doubles tournament too with my Deathwing :)

  4. -> Dezartfox, well maybe i'll see you. I'll bring a blank movement tray to show you what i ordered. Good luck.... not to much, but enough :P

  5. That is an impressive sight, nice touch with the old gravbike!

  6. very cool looking army. great display base! just 1 thinkg Please drill out your barrles or put a black dot in the center they look really flat now.

    Cheers CJ

  7. Great Stuff Man! Makes me want to get back at my Crimson Fists, and to get some bikers going.