Thursday, 14 January 2010

40K Doubles Tourney and plans for the future

So, my first tournament is over. 71st out of 103. I feel quite good about that. I'd like to think we placed in the mid area for casual gamers. Had some really great games, and met some really cool people.

I think tourneys are bad for me though as i come away going 'oooh i want *insert army here*' Luckily i got over my ork craving, and i think the dwarf craving is leaving me too. unfortunately, the witch hunter one is still with me. BUT i had this craving before i went down and had ordered a few odds and sods already. The witch hunter game we had just pushed me over the edge i needed.

Other news:
Well with the 750pt painting project out of the way I need a new one. Rest of Jan and February will be the months of working on my guard/witch hunters but also on the NPCs for my narrative campaign thats coming up. Updated my list thing on the side for things i want to achieve. I have a large Project file with everything listed for the year, so i'll see how i get through that.

Also, my bits site has its first stock listed. I'll be blasting out some advertising soon. But take a look at


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Finished the fists!!

So, i finished the crimson fist army for the tourney.

750pts breaks down as:
Bike Captain with relic blade and hellfire rounds
1st squad, 2 meltas 1 attack bike melta, sarge has power weapon
2nd squad, 2 plasmas, 1 attack bike melta, sarge has a power weapon
3rd squad, vanilla but sarge has a power fist(also the squad the captain goes in.
Event is at warhammer world in a weeks time. Wheee. Below are some pics.