Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Well, it took all night, but the flamers im putting a little bit extra special care into. I have 1 more finished flamer!!!

Apologies, pics were taken on Mr Blackberry. Soon i'll take a photo of the whole army. just 2 more flamers and 5 seekers to go.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Well, still in hospital after opp yesterday. On the plus side, no pain yet. Think I get out today, if I do, I reckon I'll do some basing. Something nice and easy that doesn't kneed(spelling mistake is funny if you knew the opp) any major moving about.

From my calculations, only 9 models to finish. Although the flamers will take a while as I'm trying my hand at blending.


Monday, 15 November 2010

Picts or it didnt happen

Wheee, its amazing how painting 5 minis can boost your 'painted army' point value by 200pts!!!

Without further ado, we present.... The Bloodcrushers. The lead crusher is getting his base replaced to match the rest of the army. But that's the Khorne and Nurgle portions of the lists finished. Tzeentch needs the flamers, slaanesh needs the seekers. Then bish bash bosh i am done.

Tickets for the tourney go on sale tomorrow. GLEE!!!!


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I created a new colour!!!

It is called Monging Filth! It makes me feel dirty. Tested it on a poor defenceless Daemonette. Meh shes getting a detol bath anyway, ebay purchase.

Below are work in progress pics of the Nurgle DP.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Here come the "girls"

Pow!!! thats the Slaanesh Daemonettes down. Up next flamers. Actually whizzing through them now. Quite chuffed. I'll calculate the total point value of the army so far, possibly including the non-tournament stuff. Looking at what will be my "prize" at the end of the daemon printing, possibly a vindicator for the flesh tearers.

update - Ok, points with standard wargear 1600. So in theory, i have my 1500pts year goal for the daemons already. BUT not the tournament army ready. I reckon by the end of it i may be sitting on 2000 of painted daemons. GLEE!!!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Plaguebearers done!

So, below are the finished nurgle boys.
Next on the list, Daemonettes and maybe the slaany herald so thats all my heralds done.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

School Photo 2010

So here is the assembled daemon force for the doubles tourney. Granted 50% are unpainted... but that's gonna change. I have nearly finished the first daemonette, once that's done I'll finish that squad and the nurgley plaguebearers. That will be all troops finished. After that, heavy support, then fast attack, then elite. Bish bash bosh.

Sunday, 3 October 2010


.....and not in the kinky internet way.
So I'm trying to get disciplined again for another tournament. This again is the 40K doubles at Warhammer World. Im bringing the whole army this time and my partner is using half. Were going with the daemons. Seems ironic that i started this blog to give structure to painting them in the first place. But they should look quite impressive as a force when finished. I'm going with the Skittles approach. i.e. one of every colour. I've been toying with dual god lists, but if i exclude 2 whole gods i loose certain aspects. I feel the core of this army, or my daemons in general are the flamers, horrors, plaguebearers and as its a doubles i need 1 fast attack, so it has to be seekers. Khorne is just there for shits and giggles. So yes, discipline. I have cleared my painting desk, there is now nothing to distract me. I'm only gonna paint my daemons until they are in a state i would put them down at a tourney. To the right is the update list. After first looking at it im actually a fare chunk through. Tonight its the test scheme for the daemonettes and seekers, "the blue meanies".


Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monday, 30 August 2010

Back on track

Well well well, its been a while.

I can sum it up. Work. Its gone crazy since about feb. Essentially, the company i work for broke away from the parent company, and bought another company at the same time. Oh and of course the IT department have had to pull miracles/infrastructure/solutions out of various orifices since then. Sigh. But there is light on the horizon and there is even talk of getting into whats laughably called a steady state. Well, until the next company purchase. meh!!

So as for painting, Ive actually got a fare bit done. Sadly not much 40k. I've been playing a lot of blood bowl/necromunda, so i've been churning out those mostly. But i have a new goal. well, several actually. First, is still to have a painted 1500pt 40K force. This is gonna be the daemons that i started the blog talking about. This goal fits in nicely with the double tourney coming up in feb 2011. Second, is to stick with the chosen army(daemons) for the rest of the year. No A.D.D. flitting to next shiny object. Next is to have a painted 1500 wfb force(tomb kings). Lastly is to finish my blood bowl/necromunda/lotow gangs/teams/posse.

Oh another small note i suppose is number 2 is due in 3 weeks. I've got a month of holidays booked to look after Gabriel, wonder how much painting i can get done. I have a feeling very little.

Currently on my painting bench i have 2 special treats. I splurged and bought the nurgle DP from forge world. Its a very nice model, and the herald, well sadly he looks like a giant turd. The herald is nearly finished, i'll get a wip shot up tomorrow. The inks are drying at the moment. Thats about it i suppose, oh and i have a smidge of insomnia, hence the late night post.

Kit(HHL) out.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Long time no post

I think the last time i posted was back before Conflict Scotland 2010. Whats changed...... Well i finished the army(pics to come, reasons later). Not sure where we came in the grand scheme of things in the rankings of the tourney, but managed a none to shabby draw, draw, win. I must admit though, i would not recommend the tournament to anyone. For a start badly managed, then there was the clown shoe on the microphone, CONSTANTLY, so it was hard to talk to your opponent, oh and did i say how badly managed it was. Then there was the scores, im used to taking Vp down as a decider of how well you did each game, but KPs? Nah!

Anyhoo, whats for the future, i've got 2 long term projects. Although one is getting close to being canned. 1500pts of painted Tyranids(soon to be canned) and 1000pts of flesh tearers.

So yeah, why there is no photos, me parents broke my camera and im yet to get a new one. I'll have to start looking for one. Might look out the old Nikon D500 and take a few shots of the tourney army and the new flesh tearers that are complete.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Update on the Tournament Army

Thought I'd update with some pictures of the upcoming Conflict Scotland 2010 tourney army. I've gone with the army list below. Mech Guard.
  • Veterans + Autocannon + Sniper + GL + Chimera (steel legion)
  • Veterans + Autocannon + Chimera (Cadian)
  • Veterans + 2 Meltas(ride vendetta)
  • Vendetta
So that's the list. Below is the finished test paint scheme for the melta vets in the Vendetta. Yes, I bit the bullet and bought Elysians, just one squad of shotgun armed guys. Love the model, plus it fits with the air cav idea of the vendetta.

Here is the paint scheme wip for the Vendetta and Chimera.

Plan for the week…. Get the Elysians finished, if enough time finish the Cadians.

Monday, 15 February 2010


So, not really keeping to my weekly updates... I swear that will change.

Apologies for the weak photos, my mother has my decent nikon with her to Jerusalem

Update, what i've done since i last came here. Well, i finished my FW daemon prince, my birthday present FW hierodule and a few other odds and sods.

Mr Spikey in all his glory, with some Hive guard fresh off the production line.

Thats the Daemon prince, im going to base him on something similar to this from my blood crushers:

Plans for the future, I've got a tournament on 18th April. Im teaming with CSMs with my guard. Should be fun. Treated myself to new miniatures for the event in the form of a squad of shotgun armed Elysians. Nom nom nom. Heres the test scheme:

So for the event i have the following to paint
10 cadians
10 old school storm troopers
10 Elysians(need to order another 5)
2 chimeras
1 Vendetta

Test scheme for the tanks:

Should have a bigger update next weekend.


Thursday, 14 January 2010

40K Doubles Tourney and plans for the future

So, my first tournament is over. 71st out of 103. I feel quite good about that. I'd like to think we placed in the mid area for casual gamers. Had some really great games, and met some really cool people.

I think tourneys are bad for me though as i come away going 'oooh i want *insert army here*' Luckily i got over my ork craving, and i think the dwarf craving is leaving me too. unfortunately, the witch hunter one is still with me. BUT i had this craving before i went down and had ordered a few odds and sods already. The witch hunter game we had just pushed me over the edge i needed.

Other news:
Well with the 750pt painting project out of the way I need a new one. Rest of Jan and February will be the months of working on my guard/witch hunters but also on the NPCs for my narrative campaign thats coming up. Updated my list thing on the side for things i want to achieve. I have a large Project file with everything listed for the year, so i'll see how i get through that.

Also, my bits site has its first stock listed. I'll be blasting out some advertising soon. But take a look at www.kitsbitz.co.uk


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Finished the fists!!

So, i finished the crimson fist army for the tourney.

750pts breaks down as:
Bike Captain with relic blade and hellfire rounds
1st squad, 2 meltas 1 attack bike melta, sarge has power weapon
2nd squad, 2 plasmas, 1 attack bike melta, sarge has a power weapon
3rd squad, vanilla but sarge has a power fist(also the squad the captain goes in.
Event is at warhammer world in a weeks time. Wheee. Below are some pics.