Sunday, 6 December 2009

Da Projects

So, spent some time in the last week getting my ideas for the coming year down on paper. I have no in my possession a MS Project file with painting projects, deadlines, important releases etc. This will hopefully be the structure of the painting im going to do for the year. Not sure how easy it would be to show on a blog but i can give it a go later. First major milestone is already in hand. 750 Points of Crimson Fists for the Team Tournament in Jan. I have 1.5 bike squads finished. Thats finished and based. The movement tray's arrived and im just in the process of 'road-afy-ing' them. I'll upload photos either during the week or next Sunday. There is also Mr Spikey to finish painting, but he is a long term target.


Work is nearly done on my web shop too. Still waiting for the stock to arrive.



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