Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Long time no post.

Sooo, an update i feel is necessary.

As i said at the start i am a fickle beast and jump between the armies i have. So the daemons are on the side line for now.

I still like the idea of working to a dead line so the next one is 7th Jan. This is a few days before the doubles tournament. Leromides on Dakka and I are heading down to the gaming centre of the world. He is fielding Blood Angels, im on the Crimson Fists.

I'll paste the fluff for our force further down, but my army is based of 6th company fists who were actually grouped up with the BAs while Rynn's world went down, hence they survived. So there is bikes, 750 points of troopy bikes.
1 Captain + bike
4 bikes + Multi melta attack bike
4 bikes + multi melta attack bike
5 bikes

All troops. So i can get across that board as fast as possible to cause as much chaos as possible. Hopefully put them on the back foot with my possible 18 inch charge range.

I've got one bike squad(w/ attack bike) done and have a trip to London next week where the evenings will be taken up painting another squad. so thats roughly 9 bikers to paint in 2 months. An achievable goal i reckon.

And heres the fluff:
Once upon a time there was an inquisitor lord (possibly of the ordo xenos) of great repute and high esteem who during the course of a long and glorious career did many mighty deeds. Amongst those deeds were actions that indebted at least 2 chapters of astartes to him; the crimson fists and blood angels. Now the life of an inquisitor lord is a dangerous thing and eventually, inevitably our hero (name still to be decided) met his fate. Of course his long service to the imperium granted him a place at the right hand of the emperor and he was beatified. The few mortal remains of this saint became relics and this is where our force comes in because parties unknown have nicked them and the tournament represents our quest to get them back.

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