Monday, 7 September 2009

The game!!

Well, the game has finally been played. Had a weeks rain check due to the move.

The game itself was amazing. I had a great time. But the important info is...... I lost. its the first time the daemons have hit the table in that size of numbers. So i already know what revisions to make. I officially don't like the librarian power null zone. Makes me reroll my saves.
So, Seize ground pitched battle. Thank goodness it wasn’t annihilation. See i don't know how to explain this, as the proper term would be opponent but it was a friendly game and that sounds to harsh, yet I don’t want to put his real name, data protection and anonymity and all that. So i reckon we'll go with 'The host' which sounds all sci-fi. Well, the host was fielding a huge infantry ultramarines army. It was a sea of blue(yes i realise the sea is blue anyway). couple of vanilla ML/flamer tac squads, 2 devastator squads, hb+lasc, melta tacs, one unit of bikes plus attack bike. Hqs were librarian(hates it) and a captain.

I won the initial rolls but luckily he seized the initiative. His first turn was uneventful, just shambled forward slightly. My first turn (the gods didn’t favour my decision) i dropped a khorne dp(forgie), unit of bloodletters+herald, pink horrors and the blood crushers. The flamers scattered onto his unit and were delayed (this kind of worked in my favour)
Turn 2, forgie DP was toasted by small arms fire, horrors were dropped by half, couple off the letters, wound on the crushers. My turn i dropped the rest of the army except the initial flamers. The shooting was pathetic on my side. From now on I’m only fielding pink horrors IF im fighting anything with a 4+ save. The 3+ power armour just meant it was bouncing off them. ManhattaDaemon and flamers were the only real shooty goodness. Assault went as expected for a heavily khorne army :P

By turn 4 it was all over but the singing. I had lost my letters and my last troops were to far away to really hold anything. I concentrated all my efforts to contest but nah, just didn’t happen. The host knew exactly what to bring to the table, but even then didn’t loose the fluff feel. Like i said earlier an amazing game. Although a rematch is wanted.... on home turf... My new daemon world table(wip).

So changes to the army. Whipping out the horrors unless im up against tau/eldar. Possibly whipping out a Dp. with the extra points im going to either throw in another 2 units of letters OR invest in grandfather nurgle.

- - - - - - - Painting - - - - - - -

As you can see, it wasn't the 'completely finished' i wanted. maybe i set myself unrealistic goals, maybe the house move really messed things up. The current plan now is realistic goals. So for the end of the month i want to complete:
2 units of letters
1 forgeworld herald. (so the troops are done)
Maybe 1 unit of guardsmen(just to break up the red usage)

In between all that im going to run repairs and evaluate my tomb kings and finish building the gaming table.

-Kit out!!

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