Monday, 3 August 2009

3way fun

As much as i love a 3way game, i just never bring the right mix to the table. I left the daemons on the shelf for this one. Im still learning how they work and the way the scenario plays i wasn't exaclty sure how to incorporate them. The Air Cav Guard stood up to the plat. Well between a shooty death eldar load out and a shooty death tau load out I just didnt have enough shooty death on my side. I also made my usual mistake when facing the eldar. No plasma to deal with a rampaging avatar. The tau were pretty much unscathed by both myself and the eldar, they took shots just amazingly good saves. Also the first time ive seen tau win an assault against Dire Avengers, and also lose no warriors. Next time gadget, next time!!

On the daemons front it's progressing really well towards the deadline. I've now bought all the bloodcrushers i need. I'll right up the list properly nearer the time. Painting-wise I finished the second unit of 5 horrors, finished the unit of 6 flamers, finished skulltaker.

Plan for friday is get the soul grinder/blood letters green stuffed(grumble ill fitting plastic) for spraying and painting sat/sun. I'll try to update on Wednesday with some pictures of whats painted so far.... yeah, when i say painted i don't mean based yet. That, i reckon, can come a week before the game. I pretty sure i'm going to make it. I'll have to find out how my mate is getting along with his 2000pt of smurfs.

Kit out

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