Friday, 24 July 2009


Well, where do i start....

Firstly, I definition on what this blog is. It's aim is to keep me focused on what im doing. I've got all the acronyms under the sun, ADD, OCD, etc etc. So shiney objects veer me widely off course. By creating a blog that i have to update I hope to keep some stability to my painting projects.

That being said, im trying to find time to paint in between, these aren't in any order a) working b) Looking after my 2 week old son c) spending quality time with my wife and d) anything else that may rear its head.

Im aiming to try and get to a 1-2 hour a night schedule, maybe one or two miniatures. Anything more than that is a bonus. Look at that time as 'Flexy time'. If i dont manage 1-2 hours on a tuesday it can easily be made up at the weekend.

So with that in mind....... A list of projects.

40K Daemons. (my latest shiney object) I have a game on the cards for late August. 2000 pts and to be honest would love to field them fully painted. So thats the main goal.
Imperial Guard. I really want to finish these, just so i have my first ever army finished.

and on the fantasy side

Skaven. There is a chunk of these painted but again, would love to see them fully finished.
Tomb Kings. In a similar state to the Skaven.

There are a few side projects too such as blood bowl teams, necromunda gangs, and of course my sons Space Marine army. Gabriel's(son) space marines are a very very long term project but i want to give EVERY miniature the same attention to detail that i give characters so as of his fourth/fifth birthday he has an amazing army to play with.

So with the long term projects already established I think the next post will be a 'where im at' with the daemons as they are the project with the deadline.

- Kit

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