Sunday, 26 July 2009

First game

So, the daemons had there first outing. The chaos gods were satisfied with my choice of groupings and what i wanted game in turn 1. I did 2 things wrong though. Stupidly i split the deployment of the first force, i had also assumed the wrong thing with the the chaos icons. The icons allow you to ignore scatter IF they are on the board at the start of the turn. It wasnt, so i goosed my bloodletter squad, which now sat behind a hill, they did very little apart from get butchered in shooting by a squad of warp spiders. The juggy herald and foot herald got a few kills in on a guarding squad, but by the time they were in combat they didnt have a squad to back them up. boo!! Stupido Kito.

But forgetting the khorne losses there was the amazment of the Tzeentch left flank. The daemon prince and herald+pink horror squad deep striked perfectly. In the first round of shooting the DP took out a squad of bikes and the pink horrors ate a unit of dire avengers. After that the DP floundered around shooting war walkers while the pink horrors spent the rest of the game in an epic close combat with the avatar. Nice little speed bump that defo made its points.

The soul grinder popped in right behind a unit of guardians. Munch munch, but then got vabourised by a unit of fire dragons that had been hiding in a wave serpent. Boo!! defo didnt make the points back on that one.

As the game progressed my reinforcements came in dribs and drabs. More horrors popped in and wiped out a 20 man squad of guardians. Flamers popped in, squished half the warp spiders then got toasted themselves. Then Captain Usless, the khorne daemon prince, ripped a tear in reality emerged through like the might beast he is, and was gunned down by the fire dragons. BOOO!!!! i used to play Imperial guard, so the eldar were tooled out to face them, turns out it was a good load out for fighting the daemons.

MVPs go to all the tzeetch daemons. Soul grinder was good just badly positioned. EVERYTHING khorne performed badly, but that was totally my fault. Fortune favours the bold and I wasn't being bold enough with my deep striking.

In the end, it was a bloody battle and a draw to boot. No troop choices left on the table to secure objectives. Really enjoyable game and gives me a lot to work on. But really was completely outplayed.

Ok, painting wise, Ive done nothing. Hoping to get all the heralds finished and maybe a unit of horrors finished in the evening. But at least i have 1500 points built. i think i have an idea what i want to do for 2000 pts too.

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