Friday, 31 July 2009

Daemons etc.

Meh. Not much to update. So for my week i have to show for it....
1 unit of 6 completed horrors
1 tzeentch herald
half painted skulltaker
half of a 3 man unit of flamers painted.

I had to take time away from the daemons to paint a birthday present. So thats eaten a lot of time as im trying to give it the attention id give a hq guy. Its been a good test bed for reds and skulls. Giving me some techniques for skulltaker and vice versa.

This weekend there is a 3way planned. So the Daemons won't be coming. WAY to complicated to have their deep striking shenanigans. Time to dust off the Air Cav guard. Mmmmm neede more valkyries. At least they are a mechanised force. Nothing like a 12AV armour save :P Take that Meqs!!

So for the Daemon deadline what have i to paint. Im going to list these in units as its failry easy to bash on through whole units of daemons. Written in the order they are getting done.

1 unit of flamers(1/2 just to finish)
1 unit of 5 horrors
1 unit of 3 bloodcrushers(1 more to buy)
1 herald on a juggy(also to buy)
1 unit of bloodletters
1 soul grinder
touch up the carnival of chaos nurgley boys

6 items, 5 weeks. I reckon this is possible. I'll crack on this weekend, finish the Bday present. So my challenge for Monday is, 3 flamers, 5 horrors, 2 bloodcrushers. That should leave me tons of time for the rest.

Kit out.

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  1. Hey! its nice to see a new meber to the 40k bloggin / FTW team! Deamons look to be great fun to paint. Do you basecoat with white, black, or grey?

    Also if you want, we can link exchange between out blogs! :)