Monday, 27 July 2009

Daemon in the sack, Part Duex!

Quite impressed with my little output lately. But i have sad news too.

So that my main squad of Tzeentch daemons. With the herald. Really not impressed with the quality. But to be honest, without excessive highlight i have no idea what to do to improve it. I'll throw it up on Dakka to see what they suggest. If anyone actually reads this your more than welcome to throw down comments.

So next on the list is the flamers.

Now the sad news, I've looked at my second squad of horrors, the old style ones. To be honest, i think i want to ditch them for the new ones as they look to comical for my army look. :( So that means i may need fit them into the purchase schedule. At the moment the next purchase is going to be more flamers. Might try to fit in more horrors too. Tomorrow i brave the spider infested garage to find my carnival of chaos mordheim warband to 40k them.

Kit out

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