Friday, 24 July 2009

Daemon in a sack, Intro

So a quick run down on whats what in my demon army.

1 Skulltaker - generic herald
1 khorney herald on a juggy
1 tzeentch herald, old horror mini and is gonna be blue.

3 flamers

12 Bloodletters <-heralds go here
5 pink horrors + changeling(old sorceror model)
8 pink horrors <-herald goes here again old horrors.

fast attack
Daemon's need fast attack???

Heavy support
Obligatory soul grinder
Vannila khorne Demon Prince
Tzeentch Demon Prince(photos to follow, but suffice to say his name is Dr ManhataDaemon)

So thats my 1500, i reckon 2000 will be another bloodletter squad and a crusher squad.

So whats painted and not. Skulltaker is nearly complete, was waiting for my Vallejo bronze to arrive. Dr M, is finished I just need to finish his sexy resin base from Dark Art Miniatures. So that leaves everything to paint. The bloodletters need greenstuffed and the soul grinder needs glued.

The first outing of the daemons is this sunday. First game, so expecting a resounding thumping from those trixy eldar boys.

As promised, a picture of the tzeentch daemon prince.

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